My pregnancy promise

So I’ve been failing. I promised I wouldn’t do it again, I promised I wouldn’t be the pregnant complainer. Yet here I am complaining. About the hot flashes, morning sickness, the acne, the bloating.


I did this with my first, and that’s most of what I remember is the horrible parts. Never mind the fun I had while I was pregnant.
So today on this day I am making a promise that

I’m not saying everything is going to be like the magazine covers you see. But I’m gonna try. I’m gonna embrace whatever this pregnancy brings.
I know too many people who complained during pregnancy me included. And I know some really special women that have loss their beautiful babies. And I know these women would do anything to be bloated, feel to big, not be able to sleep, if it meant their precious babies would be alive and healthy.
Tomorrow I have a scan to see if baby duck is ok. To see if baby has downs, or any of those long T words. And I tell you I’m a nervous wreck. Yesterday I was SO nervous there wouldn’t be a heart beat… took them forever to find it which made my anxiety sky rocket which I’m happy to announce it is 160. Same as lil one. Now tomorrow I’m worried that they are gonna tell me something’s wrong with baby duck. (I don’t know being an ABA therapist makes you know too much).
My point is I have no idea what tomorrow is gonna bring for this baby. And I don’t want to look back and wish I enjoyed it more.
So I’m gonna enjoy.



One thought on “My pregnancy promise

  1. Huge hugs, sweetie. Parts of pregnancy are amazing – baby kicks and seeing the wee ones on the ultrasound. Other parts just suck – hot flashes, acne, bloating and morning sickness (which should be named – all the time). I do not think you are complaining too much. You’re just acknowledging the parts of pregnancy that are awful.

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