To have or Not to have that is the question

Now that we are finally moved into the house, and rooms are becoming full of less and less boxes I have time to start thinking/planning for baby duck.
I’ve asked this question now several times and no one has really answered. I know that I’m only 15 weeks, but heck I’m a planner. Just in my genetics.
So the question is:

Should I have a second baby shower?

Is it proper to? I looked it up and everything I find says it’s ok to have one under these circumstances:

1- If baby is a different sex
2- If having multiples
3- If kids are a good distance in age apart
4- If having a baby with different partner.

I understand all of this, but I kinda really want another party. Is that greedy of me?
I like the celebration of the baby and me being a mama. I was filling out baby’s book and there is a spot that talks about what their baby shower was like. And I never want to make one child feel less than the other. When baby is older am I suppose to tell them that oh you were second so you didn’t have one?
We don’t find out the sex of the baby, team green so I don’t know if this will be a girl until it’s born. The distance apart will only be 3 years.
And lets face it, I’ve hit the age where my birthday is no longer a big deal, so it would be nice to be celebrated for a moment.
that must sound so bad

We really don’t need much. We kept everything from lil. The only new things we need are a double stroller and cloth diapers (we are gonna do only cloth this time) that’s it.

If I did have a shower I would LOVE LOVE a frozen meal party. Last time with having pneumonia, ppd, and being a new mom… My poor hubs. Lets just say we at LOTS of Mac N Cheese. The family I worked for brought us dinner two nights and that was THE best thing anyone could do. Besides when hubs mom and step dad took baby for a couple hours so that we could get a nap.
So the frozen dinner thing would be awesome! Having a newborn, a 3 year old and maybe ppd again and hopefully not pneumonia again…. I don’t know if hubs will be able to do it all this time.

What do you think? I REALLY would like your input! Should I or shouldn’t I do a second party?



6 thoughts on “To have or Not to have that is the question

  1. Absolutely have a shower! It’s a time for your friends and family to share in the glory of a new life you are creating. 🙂

  2. Definitely have a party! It’s you sweetie! Now if you have 5 kids – then I would say it’s tacky but shoo have at it mamita

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