This was our first official week of homeschool. Lil is beginning Kindergarten. It’s crazy. He’s only 2 1/2 and I’m amazed at his eagerness to learn. He loves it. I just say ready to go to school and he’s on it.
Yes we are doing kindergarten. We did letter of the week last year, and he BLEW through it. So this year we are doing confessions of a homeschooler’s curriculum. confessions
So far it’s really nice.
It’s exactly what I’ve was looking for. I mean lil is only 2 1/2, and I’m not a tiger mom. I follow his flow. I want to keep it fun while he learns. That’s how he learns. (Like his mama) This curriculum is exactly that. It has some sit down things but they are fun. She also has games, art work, and songs all through it.

The songs are pretty catchy. And they help him to remember things. days of the week
Isn’t that song cute? And of course it has to be song correctly.
Here are a few pics of lil doing different things this week. I will try to have an update every week on how things are going. What struggles we have and our successes. So stay tuned.






Everyday we end with reading a book. which is good for my memory and we go on a bike ride.



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