What’s my Excuse?


This is a side view of my belly. I’m 24w pregnant. As you can see I have some lovely stretch marks. They pretty much make a circle around my belly button. And they are never going away. That’s just a fact. I’m ok with that. I’m ok that I won’t be wearing a bikini again. These stretch marks prove that this body. My body carried a human. I was able to do that. And I’m so lucky that I am able to do this again.
Now I applaud this chick and her body, what I don’t like is what she is applying. That I’m lazy because my body doesn’t look like hers after having my kids. That I’m some how beneath her because of it? That’s just not cool.
Now I have been skinny for 90% of my life.


And to be completely honest I am more secure about my body now than I was then. Believe it or not I thought I was fat back then. And I didn’t eat right, and surely didn’t exercise. So what’s my excuse, I love my body the way it is. I love my real boobs, the stuff in my trunk and yes even my stretch marks. I am a woman and love being a woman. I love no obsessing about my body. I love that my hubs has something to grab on to while we are having sex. HE loves that he has things to grab.
It’s ok that after three kids we as woman may or may not look like her. But it’s not our place to shame others for not looking one way or another. It is so hard to be a woman as it is.
A commenter on her Facebook page said it the best. If you had a daughter would you say these same things? The same things that I’m sure help make you bulimic when you were younger? I sure hope not. So while you do what you do to get YOUR body the way YOU want it to look, don’t shame others because we don’t look like you.


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