Fear release

Today was our 5th week in our hypnobirth class. And it was a tough one for me. I’m still processing it. Pure exhaustion is all I have. Granted the time change probably had a huge part in me being tired, I’m pretty sure doing the fear release took me to the edge.

So hypnobirth in its simplest form that I can explain is relaxation. Being able to find relaxation so that you can have a peaceful birth.
Now that’s just my interpretation I’m sure there is a more in-depth way to explain, but this is how I think of it.

Today we went through our fears. Any and all fears we have about birth. From day one of this class we were told to stay away from anything that was not positive about birth. That’s been tough. With social media and TV. Negativity is every where. I’ve done pretty good at cutting it out, but I would be lying if I said nothing got in. One of my biggest fears involves an experience another mom has had. And I’m not going to talk about it but it’s there.

So today we had a fear release session. Because when you have those fears they stay with you and make it hard for you to relax and enjoy the experience. It makes you tense up which is the opposite of what you want while birthing. So we let it go.

We started out by getting in a deep relaxing state. Relaxing our whole body. From there we visualized our favorite place. A place where we feel safe and calm. In that place we sat in a big comfy chair.
We pulled out a white book. This book has the story of our lives. We opened it to the very center. Where we are today. On each page was our fears. With each page we would see our fears big and bold. Then the fear would start to disappear and fall to the floor as a crumbled piece of paper. We picked up all the paper stuffed it in a bag and threw it in an incinerator. The bag burned and the ashes blew away. (This is not all that was said this is just the short version. Whole session took 30 mins)
We then got to see our babies. Look into his or her eyes. And just enjoyed that moment. Knowing that we were strong enough to have the calm birth we wanted. It was so peaceful, such a wonderful feeling.
We then found ourselves on a stage facing all the people we have given power too. This was the changing moment for me. We cut the rope that they had over us. Rather it was good or bad we took our power back. That was such a defying moment. To take my power back, to take it so that I will become a stronger person. So that I can be a stronger mother. So that I will just be strong. That took a lot out of me. Getting rid of my fears and finally taking back my power. Cutting that rope was so powerful.

So now I’m here drained but free. I’m truly ready to have the calm birth that was taken away from me with my first. To know that rather I have an epidural or do this natural. (I WILL DO THIS NATURAL) or God for bid have a c-section all will be calm and peaceful. And it will be the birth that is just right for my sweet baby and for me. I will be in control, because I will be relaxed and calm. And that’s all that I ever ever wanted.

To a peaceful and relaxing birth. I can do this.


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