Pregnancy promise part 2

Hello just doing a check in.

I’m now 28 weeks and doing pretty good. Having some heart palps but things are good.
We just finished our six week hypnobirth class. And I’m telling you I SO wish I had taken this with my first. It’s not a class that tells you to have a natural birth or a class that scares you into wanting one. It’s a class that helps you deal with any kind of labor in a calm way. It gets you excited to go through labor. IM SO EXCITED about labor. It’s made this pregnancy not stressful at all. It’s made me nurture and live within the moment of this pregnancy.

I’m not saying that I don’t have my fair share of pregnancy pangs. I’m 28 weeks and I’m waddling already, I’m huffing and puffing like I’m 38 weeks. The ligament pains ain’t fun either.

All that being said I’m still hope I’m keeping my promise and not whining and complaining about being pregnant. I’m not trying to rush this I’m just enjoying it.
I hope that I’m doing the mamas out there who have lost proud. I hope they know that through them I’m not taking this pregnancy and every thing that comes with it for granted. That I’m trying although not always easy to have peace with this baby.

I get it. Not everyone is going to have a pregnancy glow. Trust that I do not. And I don’t always enjoy it. Peeing in the middle of the night and sweating like a pig isn’t fun. But whining about it is not going to fix it either.

I don’t want to end this pregnancy and look back and have regrets about how I behaved. And I certainly don’t want to cast negative energy to other pregnant moms with my issues.

So I’m doing my best to stay, skip, not read anyone else’s issues. Trying to keep the positive energy that I do have going. So if you don’t see me around twitter or Facebook much that’s why. I’m avoiding the negative of pregnancy.

28 weeks now 12 weeks plus more to go, and I’m gonna enjoy as much as I can.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy promise part 2

  1. Thinking of you sweetie. Sending youing all the love and peace that I can muster. Take care of you and baby duck. Your mental health is what is most important right now. So happy that you are having a more positive experience. xoxo

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