Why are the Holidays so stressful?

I tell you if it’s not one side it’s the other. I swear one year I’m just gonna just snap.

I get it I’m the holiday chick. I love the holidays and everything that it’s suppose to stand for. And now that I’m married with kids they have become an even bigger deal. I’m the girl who wears green for saint Patrick’s day no I’m in no way Irish, I go out on Halloween, and I get a thrill of handing out candy to the little kids.
I understand that not everyone enjoys the holidays like I do. That’s fine. But for the love of everything that is Jesus don’t ruin it for the rest of us.
And right now my side of the family is doing that..

We won’t even go into the mess that was Thanksgiving. Those feelings are still to fragile. I had hope that by Christmas things would start to get better.. Who am I kidding? It drives me crazy that people don’t understand that we are not going out on Christmas Day! Every single freakin year I have to say this, and every freakin year someone has a problem with this.
I do not want my kids remembering being on the road all the time for Christmas. I want them to be able to enjoy the day. I don’t want to be rushing around. I want them to be able to stay in their pj’s all day, I wanna make them breakfast and not be on some kind of deadline to get some where. And seeing that we are always the ones who have to travel the furthest the answer is always gonna be NO!! No we are not going to be traveling on Christmas Day so stop asking, and stop being all surprised each year when we say no. I’ve asked around and guess what it’s not just me. People actually stay home with their kids on the 25th, and see extended family on the weekends around it. What a novel concept.

I’m just over the crazy. Holidays are suppose to be about family, friends, laughter, fun, and love. And right now I’m so over it. I am 8 months pregnant. I DO NOT need the stress that is being caused by this crap. Baby still needs to bake. Has anyone thought about that? Of course not. And with Christmas being on a Wednesday (WTF?) people do work around that day.

Am I asking for too much here? Am I insane? Cause that’s what it seems like.

Ugh. So you know what I’m putting my foot down and when I see you I shall see you.. Our door is always open, but we will be here. My goal is to make sure my boys, and duck have a great day. THE END.



One thought on “Why are the Holidays so stressful?

  1. Huge hugs. So proud of you for standing up for yourself. Those boundaries are so hard to enforce. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family of four. We celebrate Christmas with each of our sides of the families on the weekends on either side of the holiday. It is so much more relaxing.

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