Good deed?

Why why why must there be evil in world? Why can’t things just be easy?

Lil and I went to Walmart I know crazy right before Christmas and we were putting the groceries in the car. A lady came up to me with Christmas cards and a candy cane asking for money so that she could get her son a Christmas present.

Well I didn’t have any cash on me so I asked her how much the present was. She said $20. I asked her if I could take her into the store and buy it for her. She said of course. Said a bunch of God bless me’s and we were off.
We got in the store, we got him a $20 gift came back out and that was it.

So why can’t I just enjoy the feeling of doing something nice, the way The Lord intended me to? Because of the world we live in. This whole time I was with this lady all I could think about was is she running a scam on me?

I kept my son close, when I checked out I used credit, I kept all receipts, check the receipts to make sure the cashier wasn’t in on it and charged me something else (you have heard of that scam right?) and hoped and prayed as I quickly walked back to the car, that it wasn’t broken into.

As I write this I’m still going through my head wondering if there is a scam I missed. I hate, hate, hate this!!! Why can’t I just be happy that I did something nice? Ugh poo on the world!


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