By myself

I cried. 2 days left and I cried.


Because my rock, my partner, my strength returns to work on Monday. I don’t want him to go. I know he has to, but I wish he didn’t. These two weeks have flown. This time two weeks ago my water was breaking, and my world was changing.
Through it all my husband was there with me step by step. Even when I wouldn’t let him touch me, I knew he was there. By my side getting me what ever I needed.
This go around has been great. Having him here has been great. Baby has his days and nights mixed up, so I don’t really sleep in the middle of the night. My sweet husband has made me breakfast everyday, and let me catch up of the much needed sleep. He’s been there helping me with lil one, who is going through a not listening stage. He’s been here making sure I’m feeling alright both physically and emotionally. Always putting my needs first. I’ve really enjoyed him here. We don’t get vacations, so just the fact that he has been home for longer than a weekend, has been incredible. Perfect. I really really enjoy him. He’s my best friend. It has been great hanging out with my best friend. Talking, laughing, loving.

Now it will just be me. If baby doesn’t sleep through the night, I won’t get that extra sleep. I have to take care of two kids now. Just me. And I tell you I’m nervous. Really nervous! Nervous I’m not going to be able to be mama. I’m not going to get everything done.

I’m going to FAIL…….

I’m so scared.

Lord I wish my husband could stay home. I miss him already. I’m gonna cherish these last two days with everything.

I hope I can do this…



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