Mama’s here

Rocking, bouncing, walking..
Feeding, burping, spit-up….throw-up


My sweet baby is not doing so good. His poor tummy is not being kind. Tonight was an even worse night than usual. He’s throwing-up. I’m not talking about his usual spit up, I’m talking full on throw-up with gagging and all.. My poor boy. He’s soaked, I’m soaked. We both smell of sour milk.

We get changed, should I feed him again? He’s rooting around, he’s looking for more. Is it wise? Will he throw-up again? The mama in me says he wouldn’t be rooting if he didn’t want anymore.


I let him nurse. Why is he throwing up? Was it the camomile tea? Did I give him too much? Was it the ice-cream I had after dinner? Is it too too much air?
He detaches with a shriek. I immediately start patting, rocking. Crying starts. The patting isn’t working. He’s screaming now. “I’m so sorry,” I tell him. “I’m so so sorry. I don’t know what else to do.”

“It’s ok my love, mama’s here. Mama’s here.” He slows his crying. I must have found the right bounce. We shall keep this going.

My back hurts. But I must keep bouncing. I’ll keep going for him.

Oo is he sleep? We have been at this for hours now, my back hurts, I have to pee, I’m so sleepy…. Gonna sit down, and no he’s crying again, screaming…

“I’m so so sorry you are hurting”

Colic sucks!!!

Rocking, bouncing, walking, apologizing.


That smile only happens while sleep. The pain happens when awake. Colic sucks!


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