Made my day

Sorry I haven’t been around. New baby with bad reflux makes for late nights. I will be back, I just wanted to share something that has been making my week.

Being up late makes for a lot of tv. TV and my phone are the two things helping me stay awake. The commercials suck. Most start off with:

“We know why you are awake!” Then it goes on to tell me that I need to call a number for some hot chic, file for bankruptcy, or go eat at a Japanese buffet. And the best is I need to hire a detective because my hubs is cheating.
I know right? I’m shaking my head too, but there are two commercials out there that make me very happy. The first is the G.E. commercial . It makes me happy because my dad worked at G.E. He use to help with the jet engines. The only commercial that was out then was the G.E is life one. And he hated it!!! I think he would love this one, because it shows what he actually did. Makes me remember when we got to go on a tour of G.E. It was one of the last memories I have of him.
And my most favorite commercial is the honey maid commercial . This one gives me warm fuzziness in my heart. The wholesome family! Uh I LOVE IT!! Have you seen it? And you know there is controversy about it. The same idiot people who had issues with the cheerio commercial . I love that I’m seeing me and my family on tv. I love that my boys will see something that looks like them on tv. We are a family we eat Cheerios, we are a wholesome family that eats graham crackers teddy Graham’s are the stuff! Why shouldn’t we see something that represents us on the television? It’s about time.

So THANK YOU honey maid for the beautiful commercial!


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