Not all class room

Little had a doctor appointment today (his 4 month check-up) and on a whim decided to take the boys to the park after.
So I stopped at home, whipped up some quick pb&j’s and got back on the road.
We went to this small park that I use to take my clients to. I always like going to this park because it was always quiet, and doesn’t really have lots of kids. We got there and was quite disappointed to find that the main slide was boarded up. how can you have a playground without a slide Needless to say big didn’t play long there.

There is this path next to the play area, that I’ve never been on before. So I told big “lets go exploring.” We went on our “adventure” and big enjoyed it. I think little did too. On the walk I told big to pay attention to what he heard, and what he saw so that we could write it down when we got home. Big then chimes up and says we could make a map.

Ding Ding

And that is what we came home and did. Granted I did most of the drawing, but big had to remember what we heard and saw. He had to show me where we heard and saw these things. Big also picked the color of everything. (Blue green nasty water as he says)

I wasn’t planning on have a school lesson but we ended up having one anyways. And it still counts even if it wasn’t in the classroom. Homeschooling is pretty awesome.




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