30 year & review

As I lay here counting down the mins to my birthday, I just wanna say WOW! It has been a crazy busy year!

At the beginning of this year I was a few weeks pregnant and no one knew. We new we had to move but we didn’t know where. And we were just trying to get through the day.
Lots can change in a year. And thanks to the grace of God it has been a very good year.
We are in our very own house. It’s a small little thing, but it’s ours!! We have two raised garden beds, and lil has the indepence to run in his own backyard. And I was able to keep my promise to my dog. She no longer has to be chained up. No more wondering when the lease will be up, where we are gonna live none of that. Hubs has a garage!!!!
The sweet little seed, that no one knew about, that gave me horrid morning sickness, who’s brother named him duck; is now my sweet, happy, chubby baby boy. Who we didn’t name duck. He’s laying here on me now. Happy 5 months my sweet boy.


I’m so in love with him. My lil 3 1/2 year old is in the throws of his horrible 3’s. No one really prepares you for THIS age. He LOVES his baby brother though. He is very loving and sweet to him.


My hubs is still working hard. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off in the end. Time will tell.
I’m still doing Sunday school. Which I loved!!!! Speaking of church, let me tell you about how beautiful, how wonderful, how awesome my church is! The love they have showed my family and I, is something I have never witnessed in all the churches I have been apart of.
I’ve made new friends, and I have a besty! I’m in love with her just so you know.

She’s my kindred spirt.
We’ve had our downs, but the love and strength I have experienced mean so much more than the lows we have had.
So bring it on 31 I’m rocking and ready to dance my way into you. Let’s do this.
Lord don’t make it hurt please!




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