Homeschool Adventures

We are embarking on a new journey in my household. We are homeschooling!! Yes lil one is only two, but we decided to start early because well why not, I’m at home. He knows his ABC’s and 123’s already so why not go from there right.

Before I continue, however, I just want to explain that this is not a do what I do post. I’m still very new at this world, and am in the process of learning. I know I’m gonna F-up along the way, so I want to get feed back I can get. I guess I should start off by saying why we have chosen to homeschool our son and future kids. We decided this maybe 6 months after I became a SAHM. I actually graduated in the teaching field. Yes I would have taught about Agriculture, but it was the teaching field. So I know how public school works. Don’t get me wrong THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PUBLIC SCHOOLS! we just don’t think it’s for us. We live in a very good school district. I just think I can do a better job. We don’t like that teachers have to teach to a test in order to keep up scores so that they have a job and the school receives money. There is just more to learn than what’s on that test. Also what if our kids don’t do well on tests? In public schools that is how you move to the next grade, that’s where tracking starts. A kid can be über smart but because they are crappy test takers they don’t get put in the correct level.

I get to teach the way he learns. Lets face it a teacher has around 25 kids maybe more in their class, she/he can not possibly teach towards everyone’s learning style. Where here if lil one learns best through hands on I can do that, if he learns better through reading I can do that. There’s never a snow day at our school, if I want to have school in the summer I can. I know exactly what he’s learning. Did you ever have a teacher teach you something that you didn’t understand, bring it home, ask for help, and whom ever helped you did it different from the teacher? You then do all that work get the correct answer, but because you didn’t do it THEIR way you get it wrong? drove me bonkers! We don’t have that issue here. Also I totally believe in separation between church and state, but by homeschooling we get to teach it all. Evolution and creationism, Christian views and Muslim views. Gay sex and straight sex. Here we don’t have to worry about someone else’s parents getting up in arms because we read Harry potter and they think its witch craft.

The list of why we are just goes on and on.

Now I go back and forth about this decision now and again, mostly out of fear. I don’t want my kids not to do well in the future because we homeschooled. That and hoping they don’t miss out on those things you go through as a kid in public school. Like ridding on a school bus. I realized yesterday that lil one will not get to ride a school bus. Not gonna lie it made me rethink this decision. Then I met a fellow homeschool family at the park who gave me lots of good advise.

Man God really wants us to walk this way.

And that’s the way we are going. Will you follow us on this journey?



2 thoughts on “Homeschool Adventures

  1. Good for you! 😀 We also homeschool (and have been for over ten years!) It’s a challenge for sure, but so worth it. Keep writing and sharing!

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