Black Homesteader…What?

My hubs and I have always lived the humble life. We don’t have the most expensive things, we don’t go on lavish vacations, we just enjoy the simple life.

Our dream one day is to live completely off the grid. Back to the old days. We would love to have 5 acres of land, a huge garden, and our own animals. Solar panels, wind energy all of it.But until that day, we do what we can with what we have.

We mostly do it to save money. To live on one income is hard in the US. We live paycheck to paycheck. We make enough to barely scrape by, but too much to receive any assistance with anything. So we have to cut corners where we can, and well the homesteading process has been a great help.

I mean have you seen the price of eggs? When I first started buying eggs on my own, they were 97 cents for a dozen for extra-large eggs. Now they are $1.68 if you are lucky.


Everytime I go in the store and see the price of eggs I die just a little bit more. And you will always hear me say ” We need our own chickens Dang it!” And we can’t have them, because 1. We are renting a condo, and we were barely able to have the two dogs that we have now, and 2. In the city I live in, you have to live on an acre of land to be able to own livestock. Chickens are included in livestock.

So we are renting decent plot of land this year for growing our own crops, we have taken up canning (got us a pressure canner for christmas), and I have learned how to make my own cleaning products. After calculating everything, I realize I’m saving us a great deal of money, which for me means a lot because that makes me feel like I’m contributing to the family income.

Now I’m not one of those crazy organic nuts. With knowing what I know (I did graduate with an Agriculture Education degree) The whole Organic bull crap is just that bull crap. Another ploy for you to spend more money. That’s another story though. And don’t get me started on this No GMO Fad that has started. Yes a Fad. They realize that people are becoming smart enough to know buy into their whole Organic run, so they had to come up with something else to scare people into spending more money. When I hear people talk about “Oh I don’t want GMO’s in my food, you don’t know what it’s doing to you” I really, really just want to smack them. And if that makes me lose followers so be it and you shouldn’t have followed me in the first place. Do you no realize what the price of corn would be after last years drought if the corn wasn’t GMO. You say you want to help feed the starving in Africa, Hello in order to feed them you are going to have to use GMO food that will with stand their weather. You are alright with using a test tube to create you a baby because you for some reason can’t have one, but OMG don’t let them do the same thing to your food…. do you see why I have a problem here?

With all that being said, I do like knowing exactly what is in my food. Yes I’m a label reader. And if I can make the same thing without using the extra chemicals needed for storage issues I’m gonna. But I don’t turn my nose up at the process.

How does it feel to be a black homesteader?… It’s kind of weird. I don’t know any other homesteaders, who are black do you? Would love to get in touch with some. I get stares when I walk into local stores asking about vermacompst. I’m use to it though, the stares. It’s worth it for me.

So you will get to see my many trials and failures at this homesteading thing. Hope you’ll join me, give me some much-needed pointers.



2 thoughts on “Black Homesteader…What?

  1. AHHHHHH I love this!!!! I’m glad you’re a black homesteader, and while i’m not…ha ha ha…i love advice from you!!! My indoor stuff is going INSANE!!!!!! I’m plotting out my little garden area in our back yard, but I’d love to be self sufficient. I’m glad you found that all this planting and saving is saving you money!!! I’ve spent alot getting started up, but i’m hoping it pays off since in the summer, i’d make regular stops at the fruit stand and that adds up!!!!

    • Yeah it’s all worth it. And once your product comes in you’ll want to kick yourself when u realize how much over priced things are. Lucky girl with your own plot. Must keep me updated!

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