Old washer is so much better than New

Today it was time to really clean out my washer. I have done it before, kinda but this time I needed to really clean it out for real.

I have a very old washer. I’ve had it for 10 Years now. We got it from a family who’s mother had it, but she passed away and they were getting rid of things, so who knows how long she had it before us. It was a great deal. $125 for both the washer and the dryer. For a young couple just starting out… This was a major score!

I ran her.. yes my washer is a girl, I ran her threw a cycle on hot. with only vinegar. I also added a little bit of bleach for my own sanity.

OCD and all

She looks good. I dipped a towel into the bleach vinegar water and wiped the outside. Man if you have a bleach dispenser, that thing gets pretty yuck, not to mention the fabric softener dispenser…. Yeah that was really nasty. It had fabric softener slime all on it. Yuck. That took me a while too clean. I had to use a few q-tips to get into some of the spaces. The thing that surprise me the most was while I was putting the fabric softener dispenser back I just happened to read the small print on top. Mind you I have had this washer for 10 years, and I have not been following the directions very well.

Apparently when you put in the desired amount of softener, you are suppose to fill the dispenser the rest of the way up with water… Did you know that? I sure in the heck didn’t. I wonder if that is why all that gunk was on the dispenser? Goes to show you that you can learn something new everyday. If you have an old washer, go look it says it right on the dispenser. I don’t know if the new washers say it. If you have a new one let me know.

For the dryer I vacuumed out the lent catcher, which wasn’t too bad, because I clean it after every dry, but I also stuck the vacuumed hose down the shoot where the lent catcher is to get any loose lint. Don’t want to cause a fire or nothing. I wiped out the inside and the outside of the dryer also. I must say he’s looking pretty good also.

I love my washer and dryer. They just don’t make them like they use to. I mean 10 years plus of service.. Nothing lasts that long anymore. we only had to replace the heating element on the dryer. That was only a $25 replacement part. Just can’t beat that.

So do you clean your washer and dryer? How often do you clean them? It can’t just be me right?

Let me know about any surprises you found while you cleaned your washer and dryer.

read the fine print

read the fine print


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