DMV Foods

So I’m waiting in a long line at the DMV to renew my license. Yup it’s a sat. Why did I wait cause I don’t have lil one and I’m getting some me time. I know pitiful. So while I wait I thought I would write a food post. Seeing that there is no food or drinks aloud in here and I’m rather hungry.

Dang it line is moving too fast. Crazy complaint.. Will finish at home… Now I’m at the beach relaxing. So back to the food post. This year we decided to expand our container garden and we grew lettuce. When ur on a budget growing your own food saves a bunch. I haven’t had to buy some produce for a month now.

20120630-174848.jpg with this lettuce and it being hot I made a southwestern salad. We put everything on the grill except for the lettuce. Steak, tomatoes, corn, onion, red pepper, and tortillas all were grilled chopped and put on lettuce. Then I mixed bbg sauce, honey, and ranch together drizzled it over the salad and topped with the grilled tortillas. Very cheap. We buy meat in bulk from the butcher and veggies we grew except for the ear of corn ( only .10 cents ) fed 4. Mmm making me hungry just thinking about it.



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