Egg mishaps

I’m making pork chops for dinner tonight. And my hubs only likes his fried. should have never introduced that to him
So I went to the fridge to get an egg out for the batter.
When I opened the carton I notices I had two cracked eggs.

That’s weird they weren’t cracked when I bought them…

I guess I’ll make something with the other egg.

Cracked the egg…
Didn’t break…..

Cracked harder
Didn’t break…..

What is going on? Peeled the shell off, and to my surprise the egg was frozen.
Last night when I thought my lil one was playing with the light in the fridge he turned the fridge down to ZERO!! And my eggs froze. So now what??

I don’t know. They must have cracked when they froze. Would be a great science lesson if lil one was older.. I guess I’ll let them defrost?

Have you ever had frozen eggs?



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