Late Valentines


So I know Valentines is long gone, but I’m such a hopeless romantic. I really am. I love love. I’m a sucker for a romantic film and get upset if they don’t live happily ever after.
Which is why I’m so lucky to be married to my hubs. He still believes and practices old gentleman policies. He kisses my hand for no reason, opens doors, and makes sure he walks on the side of the traffic while we are walking down the street. This beautiful man dances with me in the kitchen ballroom style to commercials.
He’s been working very hard at work lately and I’m so proud of how far he’s gone in his company. And I went to school and worked so I totally understand how it works.

I still miss him terribly..

We are not a couple who goes on vacations separately, we don’t spend nights away from each other well, and we only do that if we really have to. Hell if its not work related we don’t do 2 hours well apart.

yes we are that dependent which may be a bad thing, but works wonderful for us
Which is why I’ve been in such a funk this week. With him working so late he gets home eats then off to bed. My world doesn’t do so well without him. My soul knew he was missing and thus the crappy week.

How do you deal when your other half is away?

Hubs and I have a song as most couples. Ours is

Come Away With Me

by Nora Jones.
come away with me which we waltzed to at our wedding
Lately though I’ve been feeling

Just A Kiss

By Lady Antebellum.
Every time I hear this song it takes me back to our first kiss. In my room. We were best friends long before we ever dated. yes the term I married my best friend applies here It was awkward to kiss him, but felt so right. And we both kinda freaked after because we didn’t want to mess up our wonderful friendship. But ugh that was a moment in time I will ALWAYS remember.

Do you have a song like that with your special someone?
So for this late Valentines I’m sending this our to all of you hopeless romantics may you alway have and share love.
To my Valentines my wonderful hubs, I love you more than the word love could possibly describe. This song is for you my sweet. I hope it takes you back to that lovey first kiss that started us on this beautiful path just as it does for me…

Just a kiss