Just clicks

We are on our third year of homeschooling, and believe it or not I still question myself about putting him in public school. I know sounds crazy. I know this is what is right for our family, but I’m a mommy. And the last thing I ever want to do is harm my son’s education. I’m not a teacher, with state regulations to follow. So how do I know I’m doing it right?

Well it’s gonna seem stupid, but it’s such a big deal to me.

Today I was walking into the living room after changing lil’s explosive diaper. Big was playing on the DS, jumped off the couch SO excited and ran to me.

“Mommy mommy I can read!!!”
“You can?! Well that’s cool.” Half ignoring him with other things on my mind.
“That says press start to play!” I look at the screen, and by god that’s what it said.
“Wow you did read it! Very good sweetie!”
“I’m gonna go tell dad.” And he runs off.

Now you may say big whoop, but it is to us. No one ever told him the words on the screen. He was playing angry birds. So there wasn’t really anything to read. So he read the words, and understood what that meant.
That is exciting to me. It’s like reading finally clicked and made sense.

The best part, was that he liked it and wanted to do it again. So at bath time, he read a book to lil…. Twice.

I’m so proud. Proud that he likes reading now, but I’m more proud that I’m the one who taught him.

So exciting. Just another way I’m being reminded that I’m doing something right.



Pre-curriculum part 3

For Tuesdays we have combined both shapes and colors and we switch each week.
For color weeks we do lots for that color.
-we may wear that color
-color different things in that color
-cut construction paper in that color (which helps him learn how to work the scissors) double lesson in one.
-we mostly make play dough until we got to brown and black. those colors are hard to make out of primary food coloring.

If we are learning shapes ill have a picture of that shape printed out for him. He colors it what ever color we last learned, then I let him try and cut it out. we do use safety scissors. After that we hunt around the house, outside, the mall for that shape. Sometimes shapes are harder to find (stars,diamonds) so I would take cut outs of that shape and tape them around the house the night before.


And there you have it. There are so many things to do. Just keep it exciting and fun. They are still young. You’d be amazed at what they learn and how fast they learn just from playing.
Next is our Wednesday letter day!

Things I’m doing right

So among the many things I done wrong this week… Letting lil one have that yummy cookie before dinner. Spending too much on hubs valentines, not taking the dogs out for a walk on that warm day we had.
I have done some pretty good things this week, that I’m really very proud of.
We are not members to any moms groups and family isn’t that close, but I think it’s very important for lil one to get out among other kids and socialize. Even if its a complete failure and he doesn’t share or is mean to others.
Now as a mom it can be embarrassing when he does these things and you have all these thoughts about what the other mom must think of your parenting. It’s ok though cause he is learning how to share and about boundaries. I’m learning my child’s temperament with others, what draws him to play with some and not others and how I want to discipline him in public. This week we stayed 4 hour at firefly cafe. (And indoor play/coffee place) For me that is great. I start to get antsy after 2 hours, and when it get crowded which it did I’m ready to go.

Lil one played just fine with the other kids. We had some battles about sharing the trains. But all in all he was great. He had a blast, while I learned that he has a bit of OCD about the order trains HAVE to be. And he loved playing the play guitar which makes me happy because I want him to play some kind of a musical instrument. Once I had my 2nd cup of coffee I even broke out my shell and socialized myself. Total score for me. I’m really shy. Guess I should drink more coffee?


The other thing was I made got my hubs to go to get his physical done. He even got a flu shot!!!
yes I called after he left and told them he had a list of questions for the doc and please give him a flu shot.
Any loving wife would do that right?
I just wanted to make sure he is healthy, and to know about any future check ups he needed.
which by the way guys don’t get routine check ups until they are 50 so not fair
All is well with him he got his shots and I’m a very happy wife. Snicker all you want, but I’m planning on growing old with him. Retire with him travel. I gotta make sure he’s gonna make it to old so we can do those things.
That’s what I done right this week among other things what have you done right?