Getting started Pre-Curriculum

We are on week 9 with our home school adventure and I must say I have the hand of it. We wake up get dress, eat lunch and then we work on our homeschooling. We are doing letter of the week, the pre curriculum, with added religion. I teach the letter of the week and hubs does the religion. (religion meaning ALL religions)

I really like the letter of the week The lady that put it together is a Genius in my view. Here is the sight:

I like it first off because if you are new to the home school world this is a step by step tool. For me personally I love it because once you get the method down it can be changed to fit your child’s needs. I have changed it so that what ever letter we are doing that week, it goes along with the theme for that week also. Since lil one is more advanced than some of the things in the   I’ve also added in spelling, and we “write” each letter. I’m not looking for perfection when he’s writing the letters, He lacks the fine motor skills for that, but I want him to get the hang of it so when we do Letter of the week next year he has an idea of how each letter is written. Then we will work on making sure the letter is written correctly. For numbers we have added counting objects. He knows his numbers up to 20 now, so I’m also making sure she KNOWS exactly how much each number really is, so that when we do Letter of the week we can start basic math.iphone 2013 037 For colors… well once again he knows most of all his colors, so we add in learning how to spell the color and then we make play dough. I found this great recipe from pinterest that I’ve been using that uses basic ingredients and it lasts for a long while. Plus seeing that he is in an “I want to taste everything” phase, and I have dogs I don’t mind so much if it goes into his mouth or if a dog gets into it.  Now granted when this mama came up with letter of the week she didn’t have things like pinterest at her hands

I really don’t know how she did this without pinterest!!

We do so I use it often. Also we bring in other technologies to our lessons. We don’t just use the library. You would be surprised at all the learning material you can find on the web. That’s why I love this! I get to use my creative mind to teach my son from all forms and directions. You just can’t get that kind of  learning from a public/private school. With days like today once we get done, we get to go to the community center and go swimming. Oh I do Love my JOB!!

To keep myself in check besides the computer I keep a lesson plan of each week, materials I’ll need that week and just a basic knowledge of what we are doing that day. I do plan on having more kids, so this makes it easier for me to follow for the next kid. that and well I have OCD and I don’t do well with chaos. I need to have things in order, or this home schooling thing just won’t work for us. And with the homesteader in me, what if one day I do get to live our dream and live on a homestead, computers may not be available I still like to have things written down, call me old schooliphone 2013 022

Next page will show you a break down of what one of our weeks look like. Stay tuned


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