Something is up

I’m calling BULL on something.
I was admiring not really, I was looking at myself in the mirror tonight.
What you don’t look at yourself? I can’t be the only one… Right?

Anywho I was looking and was noticing how everything has decided to settle. And well, it’s totally different from when I had lil. To be honest, I’m not very happy about it.
Now before you start, I have never been one who is stuck on my body. But I do like to be healthy and look decent. I love my curves. So you don’t have to worry about me. But I’m calling bull on the perfect after baby body that the celebs keep showing us.
How the heck are they getting these bodies? I’m not a loud to lift my 39 pound son, for these first two weeks. I’m not aloud to drive, or even mop. That’s only for the first two weeks. For 6 weeks I’m still suppose to be taking it easy. (Meaning no heavy workouts). So 2 weeks after these celebs have their babies, how are they coming out with rock hard abs, and “smoking bodies?”

Are these rules just rules my midwives have given me, or is this universal, and are these celebs are breaking them?
Someone please tell me? I can’t work out work out until after 6 weeks and not to diet because I’m breastfeeding.
Which is fine by me. Mama needs to be healthy.
And I know woman have been having babies for years, and it’s not a medical thing, but you did just have a baby. Your body just went through a lot. Things need to heal, hormones need to get back in order.

So I’m calling bull. These celebs aren’t following the rules.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Something is up

  1. Amen sista! Its just a bunch of lies they all feed into and not one of them wants to stand up and say this is what a human being looks like deal with it. Sad isnt it?

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